5 Business Career Tips for People With Disabilities

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The unemployment rate for people with disabilities — about 7.3% according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics — is often higher than the national U.S. average. Though we have come far, there still remains some social stigma and a lack of understanding, along with inaccessible buildings, that can hold people with disabilities back. These are just some of the major hurdles to overcome when people with disabilities explore their career options.

However, critical work is being done across all industries to help create more employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Business is one of the fields making major headway. And the veterans at Patriot Resume have helped countless individuals pursue their dream jobs in business. To pave the way for your business career as a person with a disability, consider the following resources.

Remote work

Remote jobs can make all the difference when it comes to working in the least restrictive, most accessible, environment. The business world is full of entry-level and intermediate full-time and part-time work-from-home jobs, freelance gigs, or flexible schedules. All of these options can reduce or eliminate a challenging commute and allow you to work in a setting where you are most comfortable and set up for success.

Specialize early

Business is a career path with plenty of opportunities to specialize. From management to marketing, human resources to accounting, your specialization can help you carve a niche for yourself. Many people with disabilities choose to specialize in a specific nonprofit or humanitarian sector that can make a difference for people with a similar life experience. While business jobs are often equated with the corporate world, there are many nonprofits and foundations that support increasing accessibility, healthcare and education for people with disabilities.

Earn a degree

If you want to specialize, earning a degree is a wise move. Most colleges and universities provide special funds to help people with disabilities access an affordable higher education, and there are many state and federal tuition assistance programs for people with disabilities. Online degree programs offer the best of both worlds, allowing persons with disabilities the education they need from the comfort of home. And with so many industries to choose from, the sky is the limit. For example, if you want to eventually launch an IT consulting business, you can achieve a bachelor’s that offers crucial skills in database management, data analytics and even cybersecurity. In addition to increasing your earning potential, many IT positions can also be remote! Whatever you choose, having a degree will better position you for a great career trajectory.

Know your strengths

When you go into an interview, Patriot Resume suggests being confident of your strengths and the kinds of workplace where you would excel. While your disability may demand specific needs in terms of physical and technological accommodations, your skills and expertise know no bounds. Be armed with examples of how your strengths can be an asset to the company. Be ready and able to showcase your strengths, so that your professionalism, not your disability, takes the spotlight.

Challenge Perceptions

Because it is so diverse, business is a field where many people with disabilities can start a rewarding career with room to grow. Just by being there, you are educating colleagues, changing the perceptions of employers and opening doors for more accessibility in leadership roles. By interacting with you, employers can see that people with disabilities can transform not only the world of business but also the way business can be done. As you move up in your field, you’ll shatter expectations of who you are and what you can do—and make it possible for others to do so, as well.

Whichever path you choose, business is considered to be one of the best career options for people with special needs. Finding a job and earning a paycheck are important, but having a meaningful career is crucial, too. If you need help getting your foot in the business door, reach out to Patriot Resume. Our team of veterans can help you launch your career down any type of business path.

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