3 Basic Tips to Write a Good Resume

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

If you ask that question to 10 people, you will get 10 different answers. Generally, they would all agree that a good resume needs a few specific traits. Here are a few things that every resume should have in order to get a foot in the door.

  1. Proper formatting - Make sure your resume is formatted in a way that is visually appealing and easy to follow. Most HR professionals spend on average 6 seconds looking at a resume before they reject it or commit to reviewing it further. You want to be sure your resume stands out and makes an impression.

  2. Information listed in a logical flow - The best way to display your work history and relevant experiences is to list your information using bullet point format in chronological order. Avoid being to wordy and using run-on sentences or paragraphs.

  3. Relevant information - Even if you don't have experience in the specific job you are applying for, you can still sell your translatable skills. Be sure to highlight duties from your current job that align with desired knowledge and skills requested in the job listing.

These three simple tips can help your resume get off to a good start. As always if you need help, Patriot Resume is here for you.

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